Thursday, 26 March 2015

We Need Younger Commanders Like Pakistan And China, Indian Army Tells The Supreme Court

NEW DELHI: Pakistan and China have younger Army commanders, so we need younger commanders too. This was Indian Army’s main argument in the Supreme Court today while securing a stay on the Armed Forces Tribunal or AFT order that quashed a contentious promotion policy of the Indian Army.
The policy reportedly allows for preferential promotions to officers from select arms.
The top court, which is expected to conduct a more detailed hearing on April 15, said “The country cannot afford to have disgruntled, frustrated and demoralised people in the army.” It was referring to a group of officers that had approached the AFT seeking scrapping of the promotion policy.
Arguing on behalf of the army, Attorney General Mukul Rohatgi told the court that the age profile of Colonels in neighbouring Pakistan and Chinese Armies is 37 years, in Israel its 32 years, while in India it is 41 years. “For the Siachen front, the country needs younger colonels who can work there,” said Mr Rohatgi.
Reacting on Mr Rohatgi’s arguments, the top court said, “There can be no guarantee that the next war will be in Siachen, it can be in the deserts of Rajasthan.”
Mr Rohatgi told the court, “The policy is based on the recommendations of Ajay Vir Singh Committee which aims at reducing the age of battalion commanders.”
The Army had erroneously appointed officers of the support and supply line units on pro rata basis to 750 combat positions, which needs to be corrected as “those who face bullets on the war front must get benefits,” says Mr Rohatgi.
Source: Defence News

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