Monday, 30 March 2015

Doval talks tough on China, says 'National Interest' will be protected at any cost

India took a firm stand on a host of issues during the Indo-China talks. National Security Advisor Ajit Doval who was the special representative at the talks stood his ground and made it extremely clear to China that setting up of Naval bases in the Indian Ocean is not in the interest of the entire region.
There has been a lot of emphasis on the Indo-China talks. Ajit Doval the National Security Advisor who is the special representative for the boundary talks with China says he is happy with the outcome of the talks.
The 18th round of talks between India and China took place after both nations agreed to a dialogue in the year 2003 over the boundary issues.
India’s primary concern is to protect national interest ::
Doval underlined the importance of national interests during the talks. The National Security Advisor who said that the talks were a good exercise however warned that setting up of naval bases in the Indian Ocean is not in the interest of the entire region.
National Security can be used to further economic ambitions of India, the NSA also pointed out. Doval made it clear to the Chinese that India would do everything to protect vital national interests.
If talks were not on, conflict was the solution ::
India has been reminding China about the problems along the borders. Doval said that he is happy that talks are on. If talks were not on then conflict is the only way to a resolution.
He however added that both India and China think that there is a possibility of a conflict resolution without conflict and that is a good sign.
We are hopeful of a resolution on the border issue and there was a positive vibe from China on this. However there are some inalienable positions so far as India is concerned. We need to see that our vital (national) interests are protected.
India also has rejected that the claim China has staked to Arunachal Pradesh. India has always maintained that it is an integral part of India. China during the talks agreed to maintain peace along the border since it is a pre-requisite to talks and also in the interest of bi-lateral relations.
Both countries agreed to expand contact between the armed forces and also constitute a confidence building exercise.

Source: Defence News

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